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G50 and Xvive U4 IEM cohexistence on stage (both 2.4 Ghz)


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Hi all,

sorry posted it before in the wrong section, deleted the old post.

i'm an happy long time user of Line6 Relay G50 wireless system, for all my gigs (I'm a bassist).
I've recently purchased a wireless IEM system, i.e. XVive U4 with 6 channels available. 
However, I only realized after purchase that both work wirelessly at 2.4ghz frequencies!
I live in Rome, Italy and, actually, dunno what are the usable frequencies both for my G50 and the Xvive: on my G50 I always used from 1st to 3th channels without issues, never tried the other 9 channels.

Now, since I wanna go to gigs with both, I really appreciate your suggestions regarding the best channles combination to avoid interferences among the 2 systems.
I retrieved on the user manual the 2.4Ghz Frequency Tables of the XVive U4 six channels, i.e.:

CH 1: 2402MHz, 2480MHz, 2482MHz
CH 2: 2408MHz, 2472MHz, 2474MHz
CH 3: 2416MHz, 2464MHz, 2466MHz
CH 4: 2434MHz, 2440MHz, 2442MHz
CH 5:2427MHz, 2448MHz, 2450MHz
CH 6: 2422MHz, 2456MHz, 2458MHz

Regarding the G50 I'vent found anything on official manuals, only this topic and table:


Based on the tables and values above, could you advise me on which channel to put on the g50 and what on Xvive, in order to avoid overlapping chanels and interferences\signal drops?
Many thanks to u all! :)

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