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How should I insert my POD GO into my pedal chain, if I want to use it for effects I don't have, but not for the amp/cab sims?


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I'll male this nice and short and easy. Let's say I wanted to use the univibe on the POD GO and not actually go out and buy a univibe. How would I connect it into the chain? 


So without going into every pedal that I have, would I just take a cable from the physical pedal before and then put it in the "guitar in" port, and then from there would I go to......amp out? (avoiding the cab/amp sim? I know that wasn't the intended purpose of that port. I am just trying to determine the best way to use the POD GO to have it insert some pedals before my distortion, and then right back out to my physical distortion pedals. Unsure if or how often this has been covered. If so, point me to that thread. 



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That should work, although I haven’t tried it. In your POD Go preset just make all unwanted FX blocks inactive, especially the Amp and FX Loop. Amp out should, as you note, make the POD Go behave as just another pedal on your signal chain.

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