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Connection a Podgo direct to a FOH of a 1500 seat theater: cable question


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Greetings folks,

we are playing a 1500 seat theater in June and I really like my tones on the podgo.  I am planning on not using my amp and plugging the Podgo direct to the snake, FOH.   I have never used my podgo in a larger venue


1) Will the Podgo hold it own compared to the Helix or Helix LT?

2) Does the type of cables used to connect the PodGo make a difference in sound quality or noise reduction?    If so, then

3). What cables should I purchase (1/4 to XLR). Do I need TRS?    For example, would a 20 foot Mogami 1/4 to XLR provide a great connection?

thank you!


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1). Yes. The Pod GO has plenty of volume for the FOH. Set the Master Volume of the POD Go to max and let the FOH tell you if you need to dial it back.

2). This depends on the distance from your POD Go on stage to the FOH connections. If more than 20’ I suggest balanced cables.

3). See #2. Purchase 1/4” to XLR balanced cable and use the L/MONO output from the POD Go.

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