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Podgo preset


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Are you sure its not showing in the display but just not turned on or not assigned to the expression pedal?  If it's physically missing in the Pod Go display i.e, there is no volume and/or wah icon in the display, the patch you've loaded down could be a modified patch to give more than 4 user blocks with the volume and or wah pedals removed to make way for additional blocks? (did the patch have any text explaining this?). A modified patch is perfectly safe to use, these don't void warranties, they cannot damage your Pod Go, and cannot affect other patches.  A modified patch is just where the JSON script code in the patch file has been modified (you can learn all about these patches on the internet and forums - sometimes unkindly called 'jail-break' patches). 

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Thanks @voxman55

Yes it's not greyed out, it's definitely not there, and nother preset also has both wah and volume pedal blocks missing.


I was I guess just curious, strangely enough the 2 presets which have these blocks missing are my best sounding presets, coincidence I know....or can't think of a valid reason why they should be, given I never have these 2 blocks enabled when they are there.

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