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PC112+ What am I sending to FOH via XLR out?


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I have been using my PC112+ live. I use L6 link from helix floor to PC and XLR Out to FOH. Before 3.5, I was using PC’s speaker emulations (speaker mode). The PC “sounded like” whatever emulation I chose (usually creamback) and xlr-out sent an emulation of what ever mic I chose to FOH. This is how I understand what was happening, please correct me if that’s not the case :) The results were …okay on stage, I don’t really know about how things sounded out front. 

When 3.5 was released, and then 3.6, I couldn’t help wondering it the reworked cabs would sound better than the PC speaker presets..everybody said how much better they were so I tried them. I changed my helix presets to include various new cabs and changed the L6 link-send to Powercab Mode FLAT and Flat Voicing to LF FLAT. They did seem better when practicing by myself and at band practice. Haven’t gigged with them and we don’t use a mixer for band practice. 

My question is what am I sending via the pc xlr out? Is it the same thing I’m hearing through the powercab and it will sound like a micd cab in FOH? 


I know, RTFM! I did but I’m getting old and sometimes I just need to hear stuff from somebody else.


Thanks for any replies!

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The PC112+ XLR, when used as FRFR (no cab simulation), will send a Direct unprocessed signal straight to FOH. Just be sure to set the correct signal level at the XLR out, Mic or Line, depending what's the mixer FOH is asking. If you are in stereo, with two PC112+ and using a L6 link daisy chain, remember you will still need two XLR cables to FOH, one for each PC (left and right).


When the PC is being used as cab sim, the XLR Out will send an emulation of that same cab, but with a mic emulation. You can pick the mic model in the Preset setting (IIRC stock is an SM57).

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In IR mode, Powercab sends the output of the IR through XLR.


The only configuration that might be an issue is when using Flat/LFRaw. There the XLR output will be the same as the input. Typically that won't have a cab or IR block since you're using the Eminence speaker directly as a powered guitar speaker (and this works very well). In this case, you probably want to get FOH from Helix or other modeler that is providing a cab emulation on a separate output, and not use the XLR output in Powercab.


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