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The Future of my Variaxe... ??

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OK, I have a nice little desktop recording rig consisting of a Variaxe plugged in to a POD X3 PRO ( the 2-rack-space unit that has a couple of mic preamps). I know its "legacy" and I am sure its days are numbered. So far it runs OK on Win10 (occasional audio driver lockup, but otherwise working fine).


It gives me everything I need for tracking guitars (via the Variax mostly, sometimes an analogue input too) and bass, and vocals. And its digital audio output drives my favorite studio monitors. All in all I am very happy with it, (FX and amp sims, etc!)  but another year down the road I'll be running win11 (possibly on new hardware as this i7 laptop is more than ten years old...)


So, what is there in the new (or upcoming)  Line6 product lineup that would be a good replacement for my POD X3 PRO??


I have heard a lot of good things about PodGO and HXstomp, but they don't have a Variaxe input ( let alone a mic preamp). I can live without the built-in mic preamps but it's nice to have less boxes cluttering the desk. But I really like having the Variaxe input...



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