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Looking for the power supply country adapters for the Variax battery charger

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Hello there,


I bought a used JTV-89 a few weeks ago during my vacation in Canada, but I am actually living in France.

I have asked the Line 6 support if I can get the battery charger power supply EU adapter as a spare part, but I have been answered that I need the buy the whole charger with its power supply and all adapters.


So as my charger works fine and I don't want to have a second useless charger, I am looking for someone not using its EU adapter for the power supply that would like to sell and send it to me.


Anyone interested or kind enough to help me ?





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I did some looking and from what I can tell, it's true. You cannot get them separate from line 6. Power supplies are hard to come by even in the US. This thread has a bunch of advice regarding the battery


but also has some power supply suggestions including one that goes inside your Varaix. That's the best i can do for now. Good luck!!!

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