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PodGo come with Manual or Pilot Guide?


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On 8/30/2023 at 1:04 PM, lincland said:

All I got was a cheat sheet? Any way to get one besides download and print? 

I think what Silverhead was alluding to re 'soon to be outdated manual' is that Line 6 are working hard on Pod Go v1.50 - we don't know when it will be released, but as its been some time since the last upgrade fingers crossed it's not too far away now - so I'd certainly save your paper & ink for the moment as its likely there will be a revised v1.50 manual and Pod Go Edit manual once it is released. 

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Actually Line 6 updates its manuals only at major version number releases so I expect the next manual updates will happen with the release of POD Go firmware v2.0, whenever that is. Meanwhile the incremental changes are documented in the Release Notes accompanying each firmware release.


Updating manuals is a huge effort due to legislated language requirements. They can't just update the English versions - for good reasons. Just for kicks, go to the Manuals page and look at the filter at the very right side of the page to see all the languages for which a manual is available.


Having said that, it is inconsistent. The latest Pod Go manual states that it is v1.20. Yet there's a Pod Go Edit v1.40 manual. Go figure. I expect the lawyers can explain.

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