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Where to download older versions of WorkbenchHD?

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My JTV-69s which I bought from a private seller 3 months ago and which had obviously been played very little.  I know the guy personally so I trust him.  First time I installed the driver for the USB interface, along with Monkey and WorkbenchHD, worked perfectly.  Now, WorkbenchHD does not see the Veriax.  I tried all of the "usual" "remedys - Monkey not running, fully charged battery, 1/4" jack plugged, NOT plugged into a hub, tried all available ports on my laptop, tried different network cables (I am an IT tech and have built 1000's of cat5 and cat5e cables), I tried it on a desktop (Win10) with a fresh install of all current versions of the line6 software, verified in Monkey that everything was the latest version, firmware on Veriax is at 2.23.  When I initially installed Monkey on the desktop it asked me which "device" I wanted to install.  It showed both the VDI interface AND the Veriax.  I chose the Veriax.  When I restarted Monkey both the VDI/USB interface AND the Veriax were both listed.  Closed Monkey, started WorkbenchHD but it STILL wouldn't see the veriax.  Monkey showed that all drivers and WBHD were installed and the latest versions.  I had 2 Green LEDs on the interface.  I wanted to download a previous version of WBHD (which is still listed on your site to download) but when the download started it returned an error "file is not available on site".  Someone in the forum's suggested trying a previous version of WBHD so that's what I wanted to do.  Is there an archived version that you could possibly email me or let me download from somewhere?  I have set up my hardware profile here on your site if you need any further info about my setup.  I appreciate any help you can give me.



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No broken string ends in the cavities messing with the electronics? 

You have v2.23 program, good. 

It may need a going over by a Line 6 authorized service center. 

Find me on the FB Variax Group ,

... then personal message me, with the "W" and the first four digits,... only.

I can check a few things quick. Will be able to check deeper once back at work on Tuesday.


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