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DL4 mkII numerous issues

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Really wondering if Line6 have completely stopped supporting the DL4 mkII.. Just pointing to a very long thread reporting a ton of issues and no firmware update or at least feedback since a year.. A lot of disappointed owners and a real pity for a great pedal..


Is there anybody out there?

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Totally agree and having the same concerns about whether the DL4 MKII has been effectively "abandoned". It's now Feb 2024 and still no firmware updates since July of 2022, version 1.0.1; despite lengthy threads like the one you included expressing frustration, exasperation and disappointment.

Regardless of the seeming "potential" of the DL4 MKII, it still definitely has issues and buggy behavior.

I'm actually on a "repaired" unit now (original unit bought 3/2022) that I received 8/2023 after a couple months of tech support troubleshooting from Line 6, including sending the original unit to them for repair - in the end they concluded they needed to replace the main board; none of their troubleshooting solved the very frequent, insanely-loud loop-glitch-static bug on my original unit. Sadly, as of recently that loud, horrible, static that randomly happens in looper mode, and effectively freezes the pedal until power-cycled, has reappeared. Obviously this kind of unexpected (and unacceptable) behavior makes the unit unusable in a live/show setting. Perhaps a new firmware update could actually solve the issue? But then, perhaps we'll never know...

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