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DL4 MKII Looper - change in sound quality??

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I just updated to Firmware 1.1 and when I run the the DL4 as a dedicated looper, there is a noticeable drop in overall volume. The Mix knob is maxed out so it's not this as I know that knob can lower the volume.

This is my first looper pedal but I'm not happy with the change in sound/volume when running into the DL4 as a looper and I'm tempted to try a Ditto in place? Is this common when using a Loopers since it's ultimately routing your tone/sound vs going straight out to amp/audio interface etc. 

Interested to hear everyone's POV or experience!



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Did this behaviour change with firmware v1.1? Was it behaving differently before you updated?


Please describe your setup. What cables are connected to what devices, and what is the signal flow?


Is the Looper configured in Pre or Post position?


Describe the sequence of events where you observe the problem. While recording a loop? Playing it back? Both?

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