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2.0 Causing glitches


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Hi everyone. I installed the new 2.0 update for Pod Go. Everything seemed to install well. However, the EQ settings keep randomly 

popping up on the Pod Go screen, changing to a different cab is causing distortion and not the good kind. And, whatever level is 1st on the Pod Go Edit starts to randomly change level by it self. Ex: amp drive level will fluctuate from 4.0 to 5.5. The chorus speed will do the same. Etc... Any thoughts on what to do to fix?  

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Adding further to @silverhead post:

The back up that the upgrade does is an all or nothing backup. I still do this BUT before I do anything I also back up every user patch, factory patch & IR individually so I can import back & can get into the settings of any individual patch I want because I'm saving each patch as a separate .pgp file.  See here how to do this, and this guarantees you won't lose your patches even if the 'bulk' back-up done by the upgrade process didn't work for any reason.

Now, its recommended after the upgrade to reset Pod Go back to factory by pressing buttons C&D whilst switching Pod Go on.  This will do two things.  First it will upgrade the factory patches to the new cabs. Second, it will clear any residual unnecessary code.  Pod Go is essentially a computer so think of it like this - on a PC, if you upgrade from windows 7 to windows ten, you can keep all your settings and programs or you can clean install for best results - so a Pod Go factory reset is like a clean install. 

"Now, if you import back the patches in the way I do, you'll put back all your user patches and IR's. If you've changed factory patches and want them back, you can still do that but now you can pick & choose which patches you import back.  I had a load I didn't use so it was quite cathartic to only bring back what I wanted. 

If you create an 'all or nothing' backup (as you should) before doing the update ie the backup that Pod Go edit creates, that backup will include the old factory presets in the Factory folder ie without the new cab models. So if you do the factory reset after updating (again, as you should), & re-import the 'all or nothing' back up, you'll overwrite the new factory presets with the old ones unless you do the following simple procedure.  All you need to do is expand the Presets tab under the Restore from Backup dialog and uncheck the Factory box. This way the old factory presets will not be included in the restored backup, and the new factory presets with all the new cab models will remain. Voila!"


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