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UX1, AT2020, Pro Tools and Windows 10 setup for home recording - question about phantom power

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Hi guys,


I'm using Pro Tools (the free version) on Windows 10 to do some home recording. I have a UX1 and an Audio-Technica AT2020 for vocals. All drivers are up to date.


My question is, I think I need a +48v power supply to the mic but don't know anything about them because the only other interface I've used had its own supply. I'm assuming this will boost the signal so I can actually hear it, because when I'm setting it up in POD Farm 2 there's only a faint, pretty much inaudible sound.


Adding to this, I haven't had any problems recording guitar and bass, but the UX1 doesn't seem to have a level for the instrument jack input, and the level seems a bit quiet. I see there's a '+18Db' setting in POD farm but it still seems low. Do I need an extra piece of equipment to get the level up - and is there something that could do both jobs, i.e. +48v phantom power AND gain control for instruments?


Any help appreciated, I'm pretty much a complete novice.



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Hi, thanks so much for your response, that's good to know.


I will do some research - If anyone could recommend a particular piece of kit I could buy that'd be greatly appreciated, also for boosting instrument levels if possible. I only need a simple budget home recording setup, it's mainly for getting ideas down and making demos.


Thanks again!

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