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Output color meters


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On 11/22/2023 at 11:44 AM, doctormcfarland said:

It would be awesome to have segmented colors on the output meter.  Even better would have a meter on the Home screen so you can see at a glance how loud your preset is.  This will aid in leveling all your presets much faster. 



The Doctor


Won't help you level things as much a you think. Keeping patches level is all about perceived loudness, not measured amplitude. A patch that's midrange heavy will always seem louder than a tone that's more scooped, even if they're both registering exactly the same on a dB meter. It's just how our brains are wired...blame biology, thank Fletcher and Munson...;)

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The only thing Helix can provide you is a signal output level meter because there's no physical amplification as far as actual volume, just a Line, Instrument or Mic signal level.  If you select the output block you'll see the built-in signal meter displayed at the bottom right of the Helix display on the physical device.  You can use that display to even out the signal levels being output by the Helix.  That will give you a decent start toward getting consistent  levels going to whatever your output device is.  As @cruisinon2mentioned the actual volume varies based on how your ears perceive it, but I use a volume meter app in my phone to get a good rough idea of what my actual SPL is and tweak it by ear from there.  Because I go direct to the mixing board it's very easy for me to use my guitar channel meter on my mixer to gain stage my levels on my presets.  Because the signal is never actually sent to HX Edit there's no way to incorporate a signal meter there, but I agree it would be nice to have some form of color coding or marking on the signal meter display on the Helix unit to help in equalizing your signal levels.


With a lot of venues now having sound level requirements for live music, these are all very handy tools to keep you out of trouble at gigs.

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