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MIDI clock sync issues


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Hello, just recently I've built a live project in Cubase 12 where snapshot changes and the tap tempo function are all automated via MIDI through Cubase 12.


Snapshot changes work flawless but the tempo gets out of sync really quickly, it's almost like the POD Go can't keep up with the tempo of the MIDI clock.


Does anybody have the same issue and maybe a workaround for this problem or could explain what the issue is?

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On 12/1/2023 at 10:20 PM, silverhead said:

I assume your POD Go is set to receive MIDI clock info? See Global Settings.

Yes, it's set to Rx MIDI Clock On. Don't get me wrong - the MIDI clock works but it starts getting out of sync really quickly. The tap tempo light then goes permanent for a few seconds, then snaps back into tempo and so on. There must be something wrong with the transmission or maybe the POD Go can't process the clock signals fast enough?

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