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Failure to load presets...


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On 12/18/2023 at 1:25 PM, psarkissian said:

"Loading" anything in or out of a Variax requires the Workbench HD application. Monkey is used for updating Firmware.

The error code is a MIDI Time Out error.


Yes I have Workbench HD and the error code is happening within Workbench HD. It used to work fine when I first had it plugged directly to pc. I then plugged guitar into an extended usb cable with an unpowered usb hub, with another extended usb cable, it didn't work, so i tried plugging into pc directly again, thats when i got the error code saying it wouldn't load the presets. I have read and now know i shouldn't have plugged it into a non-powered usb hub. So i'm sure this is why this problem occured, i'm just hoping to get it working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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