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Ernie Ball Vp Jr. Sweeping Probelm With The M13

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I bought an Ernie Ball VP JR active 25k recently. I'm trying to use it as an expression pedal for my M13, but even after calibrating from heel to toe, it still doesn't sweep correctly. I'm not sure if this is a common issue with the EB pedals or if my unit is defective.


There is a possibility that I'm calibrating it wrong as well. Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!

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I had to modify my EB VP Jr (the guy who sold it to me said it was the 25K but it was actually 250K).  Once I modified (added 27k resistor and a DPDT switch) it I was able to get it to work, but I've noticed that in the heel-down position it's pretty unstable and touchy.  The rest of the transition is pretty smooth for me.

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You probably want to get one (or two!) of these:




The Mission EP1-L6 is a high quality, all metal, vintage style expression pedal that is the perfect complement to your Line 6 amps and effects. Great for wah, whammy and many other effects, the EP1-L6 is designed to work out of the box with any of the Line 6 expression pedal compatible products such as the Pod HD, and the stomp box modelers. Check out the full list of compatible devices below.*


The Mission EP1-L6 is built with the same all aluminum and stainless steel construction and highest quality components, that have made Mission pedals respected worldwide for their performance and reliability. The new version features a re-designed non slip rubber pedal surface, and new base plate with the Mission and Line 6 logos and the ‘Line 6 by Mission’ lettering.


For modern control with a vintage vibe …. Get on a Mission.


Compatible Line 6 devices:

Pod HD 500
Pod HD 500X
Pod HD 400
Pod X3 Live
Pod XT Live
Pod Studio KB37
Toneport UX8
DL4 Delay
FM4 Filter
DM4 Distortion
MM4 Modulation
FBV Shortboard MkII
Mobile Keys


*Note that the EP1-L6 is the only Mission expression pedal that can be directly connected to the expression pedal input on Line 6 devices. Other Mission expression pedals are not compatible with the Line 6 pedal interface.

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