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Ux2 Works Great For Guitar Input, But Will Not Work With Xlr Microphone

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I have a ux2 with podfarm fully updated thru the monkey, never had a problem with it using the guitar input, so when  buddy gave me a XLR mic and cable I hooked it up thinking I could record in thru that but so far I haven't figured out how to get it to work at all.


I took the mic and cable to my Church today to confirm the mic and cord are fine (and they are) so I am trying hard to figure out what the problem is between the ux2 and the computer not being able to hear sound thru it.

I even tried a different program (audacity) and changed the input device to everything it offered (like 3 choices) none worked, I then tried in the ux2 podfarm 2.57 i think it is setting it to a warm vocal patch, but I can't figure out how to get the ux2 to produce sound.


In windows 7 I have the LIne 6 ux2 setup as the playback default device, also under the recording tab I have the digital audio interface line 6 ux2 as default device,


This might even be something very simple idk, but I sure couldn't figure it out yesterday so I figured I would ask to see if someone else had been in this same spot before and or some other ideas to check try or do settings wise?



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In Pod Farm, have you selected MIC rather than Guitar as the Input? I believe you do this in Pod Farm's Mixer screen, but I'm not sure.

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I knew it was something simple, I went into the mixer part of pod farm sure enough right at the top it was set to instrument (never remembered even doing that), set it as Mic 1 and bam instant sound thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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