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Jm4 As An Effects Loop


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Hi, Could the JM4 be connected in an effects loop.


I also have a HD500 and JTV which means i can't put the JM4 directly in front of the guitar when using a VDI cable.


The ideal would be to have the ability to have a drum track running then record a rhythm over the top and then change patches on the HD500 and be able to play lead without the patch change effecting the sound of the rhythm part.


Any help would be appreciated. I have tried but to no avail. I have asked in the POD HD forum and got no response.


There are so many inputs and outputs on the back of a HD500 that there must be some way of configuring it.



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Thanks for the reply.


Tried putting it into the HD500x FX loop to no avail. The loops palyed and I could get the backing tracks to work, but it would not record anything I played. I am wondering if it is because of the problem I always had, that I have to set the backing tracks volume to 3% and the Guitar to 100% to get it to work. Anyway I could not get it to act as a looper.


I now have it rigged as a loop into the DT25 which seems to work OK. Althogh I was advised that it would cause feedback, but none upto now

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