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Pod Hd Computer Setup




I'm new to the POD HD and have used traditional amps in the past.  Right now I have my guitar plugged into the POD HD, and the POD HD hooked up to my Windows 8.1 PC using USB.  With this setup, can I get audio of my playing out of my computer speakers?  Or do I need to use headphones or Studio Monitors to accomplish this?



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With your Pod connected via USB the Pod becomes your soundcard, meaning your internal speakers are bypassed. If your speakers are external you can connect them to your Pod's audio outputs (e.g. headphone output). Otherwise you can use headphones or obtain some external speakers; studio monitors would be a great choice.


It is possible to get the sound through your internal computer speakers but I don't recommend this. To do so, disconnect your Pod from the computer and route the Pod outputs to your computer's mic input. It will sound as good as your little tinny speakers will permit, which can't be very good. No point in spending good $$ to get potentially great sound and then ruin it with $hitty speakers.

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