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Only One Speaker Working


Hey there,


I used the search function but couldn't find a solution or similar problem.


I use the Line 6 UX2 and Pod Farm Vers. 1.03.0 (yes, I know there's an update but it just won't work with my mac...guess it's got something to do with OSX maverick...)


The problem is that recently the sound is coming just out of one of the speakers (the left one). I tried to fix it through preferences but couldn't find something)


Since it worked just fine without any updates until a couple of days ago, I'm puzzled what the problem could be...


Thanks in advance for any help or advice :)


Kind Regards,




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I think POD Farm 1.12 is compatible with OSX


I would try that first.


Other than that, make sure all you cbles are good and connect properly and make sure you don't have something panned weird in POD Farm

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