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Pod Hd500x And Delay Sounds


OK. A little background. 


I currently own a POD HD400 and just recently purchased a JTV-69. I am considering making the move to an HD500x, but I have some reservations based on my experience with the 400


My biggest gripe is that when I turn on delay sounds in an existing patch, it sometimes picks up what I was playing before the delay turned on. It's really noticeable when I am playing on higher gain settings. 


Does the HD500x mimic this behavior? I know these pedals aren't true bypass, but have they corrected that issue for live performance?


I don't want to switch between patches on the 400 because there is a considerable dropout in audio when I move from one patch to another. Is that any different with the HD500x?





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Never noticed the delay issue, or dropouts, but there is an issue with the latest JTV firmware and a very audible 'pop' or 'click' when switching patches. More noticeable if switching guitar models and going from heavy dirt to clean at the same time. Rolling back to the previous JTV firmware gets rid of it. A fix is supposedly in the works.

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