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  1. I am doing the same thing with mine. I am thinking of buying a second one to run stereo though
  2. I will say this. The amp sounds fantastic, but I was almost completely dimed out at practice last night and we're a 3 piece mostly clean guitar patches etc. Kind of concerned.
  3. 1) The cabinet seems very bass heavy, possibly something Line 6 can fix with a future firmware update, right out of the box I turned on the global bass cut on the back of the cabinet, everything sounded much better at that point, it cuts the bass by 80hz or something to that effect. I think this is dependent on a number of factors. I have in some cases had many presets come off way to bright. There are so many variables at play. If I go from my SG to my Tele w/fralin p-90's there is a drastic change in tonality. This isn't one amp. It's many balled into one with a great variety of options. I imagine if your amp is on the floor and on carpet, that could also be a big factor. I don't necessarily think from my experience thus far there needs to be any changes (other than the slow start up time, lol) 2) Output of the Flat preset seems to be fairly quiet compared to loaded IR's, go into the settings whether on the interface of the plus or via the powercab edit app and increase the level of the Flat preset to it's maximum +6.0db, again maybe this is something Line 6 can address via a firmware update as this setting seems comparatively quiet compared to the loaded IR's which all have their levels cut by something like 14.0db and when increased this thing get's pretty loud. My guess is that is a safety precaution because the flat setting is used for your own IR's housed on your modeler. The idea is that program will allow you to scroll through your presets on your device with cab emulation or IRs loaded and not having to change the speaker mode. 3) Run the cab at full output and adjust the volume via your modeler, also you may have to adjust the output of your patches to get a desirable volume level, I've been able to run it this way without getting a clipping warning from the input light on the cabinet. The way line 6 suggests is that you start with your device set all the way up and then adjust your amp volume. IDK which is right honestly, but that has worked for me thus far :)
  4. FWIW- I have the Alto TS212 and I just received the powercab. The TS212 with IR impulses was passable, but there was always something lacking with clean tones, so I went back to my Tube set up. I just received the Powercab 112+ and I have to say it's a different beast altogether. Some people won't like it. The amp in room thing is accurate. I prefer the speaker models to the IR options. (I have my own Ownhammer impulses as well as the included ones). It definitely sounds more realistic than I have ever been able to get it to be. The TS212 is a great speaker for the price, but I will be using the PC going forward.
  5. So I received the PC112- The sound is excellent. Feels like its own amp. It's kind of weird because it makes all of the models sound like the 112. It's not a bad thing, but if you're looking for a big 4x12 sound out if this, it won't do that. Will it seem like a realistic 1x12 combo amp on stage, yes. It seems loud enough to keep up with Drums, but I haven't tested it yet.
  6. Thanks for the heads up man. I felt the same way about my Alto TS212. My deluxe and other clean amps never felt present no matter what I did.
  7. Absolutely- My drummer plays really heavy handed, so that is always the test with any amp.
  8. What were you using before? How are the speaker models? I will be getting mine Friday
  9. My Powercab 112 plus is on its way. I may try and post some videos later next week.
  10. Is there any chance you guys will release the speaker IRs for us cheapos that don’t want to pay for the plus but want the ability to turn it on/off within a patch?
  11. Yeah- I probably should have closed this out, A few days later sweetwater posted the covers :)
  12. The images on Sweetwater.com show a cover and in some a mic cable included in the photos. Is that the case?
  13. nathan217

    Power Cab 112

    I personally will be buying a pair. The Headrush unit looks like a rebranded Alto TS212 to me which sounds The speaker sim option to me seems to be a legit choice over having to run in full FRFR mode, and then when you want to go FRFR for synth or acoustic
  14. I got bad information from another forum thread, which had me concerned. I bought the head and was trying to get myself up to snuff on using 4CM with it.
  15. So i am running helix in 4CM through my Orange TH30. The Orange is a line level loop from what i understand. So my thought is the 1/4 in output that feeds the Orange Return should be at line level, the send on the helix should be instrument since it is feeding the front of the amp and then the send from the amp feeding the return on the loop should be line level. Does this sound right?
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