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Please Help! New Amp + Using Pod X3 Live As Midi Controller

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Hi everyone,


First post here, and I desperately need help! 


Just bought myself a new Laney Ironheart 120W head (BEAUTIFUL ^_^) and I'm struggling to get my Pod X3 live to work well with it.


I basically want to use the X3 live for just effects. I really like the sound of my amp, but want the X3 live for stomp boxes, modulations and delays. Now I know the 4 cable method is an option, but the thing I dislike is that I will now have to be constantly jumping back and forth on the pedal to change patches, while also switching about on the actual footswitch.


Here's the interesting thing though that I've just discovered - My footswitch has an input cable that fits the X3 live's Midi input. So I can attach a cable that goes from the POD's Midi input, to the footswitch at the back of my amp. Is there any way I can use this to not only control my amp channel switching, but also the POD's patches? So say for example, I wanted to go from my clean channel on the amp (with the POD's tremelo and reverb) to my amps lead channel (with a fuzz and delay activated) with the X3 live?

That would literally by my ideal setup, I don't mind a bit of tone loss, as long as I can do all changes from my POD, while keeping my amps awesomeness, and the POD's FX awesomeness.


I am completely new to tube amps (only had this amp a couple of weeks) and I have never even thought of using MIDI before, so I have next to no knowledge of it.


I would really appreciate any help here!


Thank you  :)

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