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Best Way To Set Up Hd500x With L2t?

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I am using the l6 link. I was told it would default to electric guitar. It did not, but instead defaulted to reference PA. This is fen because I bought it because I wanted a good FRFR monitor so I could hear when the front of house will sound.


I was expecting something epic. Instead, my sound now is very anemic as opposed to how it sounded before when going direct to my PA.


The output on the 500 us studio/direct which is what I want.


Why would the L2T and L2M sound so much worse than my 20 year old PA? What am I doing wrong?

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As far as the output mode on the L2T, if you use it with a Pod HD500 or 500X, the Pod can remember which setting you have on the L2T on a patch by patch basis, and will change it when you change patches.


Here's what you do:


·         With any given HD500 patch selected, manually switch between output modes directly on the L2T (push the output mode button on the L2T for "Reference PA", or "Electric Guitar" or whatever you want).

·         Save your patch on the HD500.


That's all there is to it. The next time you select that patch, the HD500 will automaticlly set the L2T to that setting. You have to be connected by the L6 Link in order for this to work. I use this feature all the time because I have a JTV & switch my L2T to "Acoustic" for acoustic guitar patches and it works like a charm.


   As far as the tone on electric guitar patches sent to the L2T, you do have to optimize your patches for that speaker, just like any other speaker. If you have a patch that sounds good when output to a traditional guitar amp, it's not going to sound right when sent to a FRFR PA speaker. You are going to have to tweak the gain and EQ settings for whatever speakers you send the signal to.


  I don’t know what your 20 year old PA is, but I know I am getting pretty good tones from my L2T, and I’m sure you can do the same.


   Maybe you should start with a simple patch with only 1 amp and no effects & just play with the balance of EQ controls (start at “5†on all tone controls), and gain & volume controls on the POD, and the L2T, and just try to do some experimenting on what settings sound good to you.

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Why would the L2T and L2M sound so much worse than my 20 year old PA? What am I doing wrong?

Your not doing anything wrong. The biggest misconception about FRFR speakers is that they're all gonna sound identical. They won't. And some PA's don't have as flat a response as you'd think. You had your POD dialed in for the speakers you were used to...now you're running it through something else. This will always require some adjustments.

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That's setup is what I bought when I ditched my Marshall Half Stack...

Only I went a little bigger....


HD500x and the L3t


As soon as you pick your amp for your patch, check the back and make sure it's set to guitar cab, then save it...


I actually set up a basic starter patch, with my Volume Pedal and my Wah set up, and then my amp and the pa setting...

Then as I scroll through different amps I want, I save those to different spots and rename them, so I don't have to reset my volume, Wah, or PA settings again.


However I do have some patches using the Reference PA setting because I use the side mixer at times for my IPad for loops and a Mic

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