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Running Ux2 Through Soundcard

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hi everyone new to forums so please be patient my problem is that when running windows xp i can manage to connect my ux2 through my audiophile 24/96 spidif in using the analog out on the ux2 without any kind of sound glitch or skips when recording however i prefer to use windows 7 the problem i get is this i open podfarm for my my guitar sound banks then minimize open mixcraft 6 as this is my preferred recording software as this is the software ive used for like years when i got to sound preferences both in mixcraft and computer there is just so many playback devices aswell as recording devices i can get sound from ux2 to soundcard and out to monitor speakers

but only in mono ie right side speaker even if i change to stereo as i do in xp and works fine in windows 7 i only get from one side speaker

i know that guitar lead is mono has anyone had the same sort of problem and is there a fix any help form you guys is well appreciated

also everthing in line 6 monkey is all upto date

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Not sure how you are connecting analog into S/PDIF??


But if you want to use you Audiophile, either use the UX2's S/PDIF out to your Audiophile's S/PDIF or run the L/R analog outs of the UX2 into the Audiophile's analog ins.


In Mixcraft you will want to select the Audiophile as your device. Make sure yor armed track is set to receive stereo, I do not use Mixcraft so I don't know the specifics.


Also make sue you have your have the most recent drivers for your Audiophile.

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thanks a lot gone from 1/4 analogs on ux2 to rca inputs on  audiophile analog ins and set prefrences in mixcraft to audiophile as well as in computer sound settings and this as done the trick

also can i use my synth (usb) connection to computer to run with audiophile as my output sound without causing any glitches or conflicts with the ux2 or would it be better to use a midi cable to the breakout cable on my audiophile sound card ???

thanks in advance

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MIDI data does not contain any audio.


If you are just sending MIDI data to your DAW, you should be able to run the USB directly to the pc.


If you are sending audio via USB, that's an entirely different scenario.


If it is the audio you want to capture run your synth's analog outs to the other Audiophile's other 2 rca in's (I'm pretty sure that card can do 4 channels).


You could capture the audio via the Audiophile and MIDI data via USB (assuming your synth sends MIDI over USB) simultaneously.

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