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GX recognised by Gearbox but no theres no audio input

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Here's the deal,


I dug my Line 6 GX out of its box the other day and found it still to be working- that is green light is on.

Decided to install Pod Farm, Line Monkey and the GX drivers.

Firstly, Pod Farm's newest version just crashes my computer constantly, so I installed the second latest version, 2.56. But there's no input. I checked the settings and everything SHOULD be working.

I then remembered about Gearbox and found that my device did actually work about 1/30 times I plugged it in. When it didn't work, it would show up as connected, the USB icon not flashing, it would even say "Connecting GX" but the input dials wouldn't budge.


I got it working twice yesterday, but trying again today gives no results, 

Why isn't my GX working half the time.


<A bit more info, my Bose speakers are both plugged into my computer and into the back of the GX with the Aux in cable- this worked for yesterday, my headphones also worked. When I start Gearbox up, I  can here popping from the speakers, signalling there is a proper connection, just no input.>


I've attached a Word Doc with all the LINE 6 Software and drivers installed on my PC 


Gearbox ver:3.72.0



Pod farm 2 ver: 2.56



Line Monkey ver: 1.66


Hardware is GX


Only installed:


POD Farm 2 plugin;

                Pod farm 2 VST

                Pod farm 2 RTAS

Pod Farm Elements Plug-ins;

                POD Farm Elements RTAS

                Pod Farm elements VST

POD Farm 2- Tone Direct;

Gearbox Application;

Gearbox Plugins;

                Gearbox VTS Plugin

                Gearbox RTAS Plugin

Line 6 Monkey;

Line 6 License Manager;

Line 6 Drivers;



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The Monkey can see it and you have green ticks for everything?


When did you first purchase this?

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