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Line6 Pod X3 Live Sound Problem, Not Working

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  I have a Line6 POD X3 Live but everything sound just the same, I mean, every chanel sounds like a crunch. I have try to update the firmware by updating to the last version and going down too and without keeping the patches, but everytime after doing this everything continues in the same way. I don't know what more to do. Could someone help me with this problem?


  Thanks you very much and best regards.

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Please provide more information about the problem. We do not yet have nearly enough to be able to speculate about the cause.


Exactly how does it sound? What instrument are you hearing this bad sound from? Have you verified that all other instruments produce the same bad sound? Do both Guitar In and Aux In act the same way? Are you using an active pickup without having Guitar In Pad enabled? How are you listening to the POD? Have you ensured you do not have any of the volumes from it too high for whatever device you are listening through?


And really just any other relevant facts that could help people diagnose the problem, of which we have almost none right now.


(Yes, I know this is pretty old, but just in case. And it might show people that they need to include more info than this when reporting a problem.)

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