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Uploaded My First Dream Rig Customtone

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Hard as hell to find the tone I just uploaded. I'm sure Line 6 is working on making the custom tone section more user friendly. Until then, check out my patch and tell me what ya think. 


JTV-69 Mag pick ups

DT-50 2X12

Pod HD 500


Once I get more comfy with the uploading, you can expect that if you see a tone uploaded by me that it is for live use with the all components of the DT50 Dream Rig. 



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Ditto on the custom tone wish.  I find it impossible to find a certain tone I'm looking for.  Line6 says you can download from thousands of tones on the site, what they don't say is these are untested user tones where most of them are not what they say they are.  For example, if I'm looking for a dream rig patch for AC/DC You shook me all night long, I get some kiddo's upload of everything cranked up to 11.  One download actually just moaned and hummed, I had to factory reset my HD500 to get things back to normal.  At least there are voting stars, thanks for that.  There should be a (mp3?) preview of the tone in the search results, which would save me the time of downloading and testing on my own rig.


The results show only 10 per page which eliminates the ability to use the browser find feature on the search results.  It is industry standard web page design to allow a user to pick how many per page they want to see.  This is amateurs at work.

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