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M13 hard case option (with room for cables and EXP pedal(s)

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I am looking into some decent hard-case options for the M13. I haven't heard back from the guy who has the HD500 Tarcase for sale on Ebay; I sent him a message inquiring about getting a Tarcase built for my M13; will give that some more time, see if he gets back to me - I really, really like the used Tarcase I bought for my HD500; it's very sturdy, and well made, the black carpeted look is quite nice; subtle, vs. the bright silver / aluminum color flight case look (Rondo, Pedaltrain, etc)


Looking around at other semi-affordable options, with a few that might work from Rondo. I pulled the M13 off the Gator pedalboard last night; I just wasn't jazzed on keeping this thing in a soft-sided case. And the angle/height up of the pedalboard was a bit odd, since the M13 is already stepped / tiered.


Rondo has at least three cases that would work based on the M13 size (M13 is 15-1/2" wide, 12" deep, 3-1/2" tall). The smallest case option is much less $, but would be a tight fit with no room off the back for cables / power supply to be protected from anything; not ideal. That one would also only accommodate one external expression pedal. But, it's only $36, so not a terrible option.


They have two larger sizes, which are the same interior dimensions: 29-1/2 wide x 15-3/4 deep x 5-1/2 height. The lower priced option is similar to the smaller case design; less sturdy latches. The more expensive option is a "flight case" style.


Anyone care to chime in? I was thinking run two expression pedals, possibly one on each side of the M13 to balance the weight when carrying it. This sucker is not light weight, that is for sure!


Rondo Cases:



- $35.95

- Max. interior size: 22" x 12 1/2" x 3 1/2"

- depth of lid: 1"



- $55.95

- Max. interior size: 29-1/2" x 15-3/4" x 5-1/2"

- depth of lid: 1"


CNB PDC-4100G-TN Flight Case :

- $99.95

- Max. interior size: 29 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 5 1/2"

- depth of lid: 1"

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I just found another (more expensive) option; "Diago" pedalboards:

Found this link, in their "user" gallery, someone else had this idea about putting an M13 in a lift off lid-style pedalboard case.


Diago pedalboards


M13 in Diago Showman pedalboard case


Diago showman - Musicians Friend

Showman PB03:

Internal sizing: 29-1/2" width x 13-3/4" depth x 4" height (7/8" lip height)

weight: 7kg (15.43 lbs)


Tourman PB04:

Internal sizing: 40" width x 17-3/4" depth x 4" height (7/8" lip height)

weight: 10kg (22.04 lbs)

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Going to check out the 'showman' size of the Diago board. I realized though the M13 fits decently on the Pedaltrain floorboard, because of the angle and height, it doesn't fit into the flight case. So that is going back to being the analog board, the HD500 stays in the Tarcase, and will give the Diago a try for the M13. It's got extra size behind the M13 where cables will be somewhat protected, at least not hanging way past the back edge.


Somewhat expensive for a made in China case, though the Rondo flight case was $100, and I don't think they carpet the inside of the lid. Lip seems shallow enough that the first row of M13 footswitches should sit fine and be accessible. Will report back when it gets here.


This review is a bit of a fluff piece, but for what it's worth:




This one is similar, sort of a 'product overview' review. Does show the three case sizes next to each other, which gives a good sense of scale.




This review is decent as well, the reviewer actually spoke with someone at the UK office:



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