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  1. Love the size of the unit..... I got mine in yesterday..... a day before I fly out for three weeks.... I’m able to throw this in my laptop backpack and there’s a guitar waiting for me at my destination..... I will be able to mess with it while I’m out of town..... the portable Helix... lol
  2. We've been through this before (X3 Live *wink* *wink*)..... tis not a big deal. I'd rather wait a month or two for the release/update than deal with a buggy Helix.
  3. I haven't updated the firmware yet. I did plug the Standard into my Helix and the helix to my Tech 21 PA 60. Sounds really good that way. It didn't sound to good with headphones..... sounds awesome through an amp....
  4. Interesting. I haven't updated the firmware yet.... Will try that Monday when I have time.... Using my old Variax 500 for right mow. Maybey try the guitars through an actual amp too.....
  5. Got me Variax Standard two days ago..... plugged it up to my Helix and started going through all the models through one amp sim with no effects. I am kind of disappointed with the way the guitar models sound like. I connected up my Variax 500 to compare the models and the 500 sounds way way better and "fuller" than the HD models on the Standard. I will try updating the firmware and see if that improves the Variax Standards' HD models.
  6. Germans tried doing that at this lake I used to go to.... 5 DM for "clean air" tax..... showed them my DOD/Military ID and said... "I'm Tax Exempt".... the nerve.... the businesses there complained about that stupid tax cause no one was going to the lake...... in turn, no one was buying ice cream, beer, food ect...ect...ect....
  7. There's a "level" mini knob that's between the Aux in and 1/4 out.... try turning that up and see if it's that.
  8. Beta editor is available for download now.......
  9. Yep!!! report report report!!
  10. Hey Scott!! great vids!! Subscribed!!!
  11. I'm getting deja vu with this thread..... same issue when the X3 series came out. Line 6 wants to make sure that there's a bug free and reliable working editor.
  12. XT Live came out... I bought it and paid for all the amp model packs without blinking an eye...... X3 Live came out.... got all the amp models in it with initial purchase....very cool! Bought the HD 500X.... paid for all the amp model packs..... no problem or issue here. I will be happy either way for the helix...... as for updates, I still use my XT Live, X3 Live, HD 500X, M13, The first Variax guitar, Tone Port with POD Farm Premium 2, Pocket POD and the UX8...... all still work fine without a need for updates...... It's always like Christmas when Line 6 does a major firmware update and throw us some extra amps and/or effects.....
  13. geeker

    Helix Vs. AX8

    hehehehehehehe..... I think I'd rather be a user than a producer.....
  14. geeker

    Helix Vs. AX8

    I did the exact same thing. I was able to set up my first four presets without the manual when I got the Helix in.....
  15. geeker

    Carrying case or bag

    Where did you get this?
  16. saw that..... kind of ticked me off when I signed up for the 8 month payment plan and then a few days later offered this............ oh well... have my Helix now and I'll be happily BROKE!!! LOL!!!
  17. and it sounds so darn goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!
  18. geeker


    Tech 21 PA 60 Power Amp works great for me.
  19. dude..... I can't wait to get mine!!!!.......... comes in next week...... four days and counting!!!
  20. Yep!!! That's why I started..... but then I ended up losing girlfriends due to the fact I was playing the guitar a lot!!
  21. ugh..... the more i see what this thing does and most of all....... how this thing sounds..... I'm going to have to sell some blood to get one.... curse you Line 6!!! LOL :P
  22. too steep for me......
  23. yea, I agree with you. He could have posted his frustrations in a different way. I wouldn't have sold my stuff (I get too attached to my gear even tho I don't use them for a while), I wouldn't have said goodbye but I would def share my experience with the AxeFX with the group here if I would have bought one. More power to him. I hope the AxeFX works out for him.
  24. Dang...... hope dude comes back and let us know what his experience with using the AxeFX is........ let us know what he likes about it and if he has any disappointments with it.......
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