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jtv59 and vetta ii


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I currenty use an jtv 59 and a hd500 with my band using my amp as a slave. However, i recently picked up a vetta ii with the vdi card installed version 2.5. Im really liking the functionality of the vetta ii and was looking to change my rig around a bit. Ive downloaded line 6 edit and have hooked it up to my vetta ii via midisport uno..All works well. Anyway, i use a lot of acoustic stuff in my band and wanted to see if there was any way that the vetta could control my variax like my hd500 does. i dont want to be having to turn selector knobs for modeling and tuning in a live situation. I prefer doing it on the floor. I understand the the vetta is old tech but it really has some great features that the hd500 doesnt. In Line 6 edit, it doesnt give and option for tyler models becuse its old soft/hardware. but that saying, has anyone figured out a workaround for this.... do i need to update something? I refuse to go bback to my variax 500 after having the jtv. PLease help someone?




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I have a JTV69 ->HD500X ->DT25 as well as a Variax 500 & Vetta II.  


You may be able to achieve what you're after by using the HD500X as a stomp box going into the Vetta II.  That way the HD500X could call up the guitar model you're after and send a Midi command to the Vetta II to change to a specific patch.


I looked in the Vetta II manual and it seems possible.

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