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    HX Stomp FAQ

    VDI would have been nice but it would have blown up the size of the unit. I can still use my JTV-69 with the HX Stomp via the 1/4" cable. True I have to manually switch models but it's not a big deal for me. It wouldn't surprise me to see Line 6 come out with some sort of separate Variax interface that could integrate with the HX Stomp; They are reserving a couple of the USB paths for something. Also, I keep expecting to see a new Variax based on the Revstar guitars.
  2. DarrellM5

    HX Stomp FAQ

    One option is to merge the 2 paths after the amps and share a cab or IR. That frees up some room for a couple of effects.
  3. DarrellM5

    HX Stomp FAQ

    FS1 & FS2 cannot currently be reassigned. The tuner can't be decoupled from the tap button but tap/tuner can be reassigned to FS4 or FS5. FS3 can be reassigned to do quite a few things too.
  4. DarrellM5

    HX Stomp as Helix backup for guitar and keyboard

    I think you can do all of that. From the manual: I tried this with a guitar and bass and it worked fine.
  5. DarrellM5

    Quickest way to add 3 or 4 footswitches to HX Stomp

    I'm not really an iPad guy either but I do have one compliments of my job. I'd love to know how this works. I know just enough about MIDI to have my Helix control my amp. This .jpg looks really nice but I have no idea how to put it to use. BTW, I do have the camera connection kit for the iPad.
  6. DarrellM5

    My Day 1 G10 Review

    I lucked out and found a G10 in stock at the Platinum Guitar Center in Las Vegas today. They had two more BTW. Since I live 4 hours from Vegas I decided to plug the G10 into my car's phone charger. That way it would hopefully be charged by the time I got home. Well it only took a few minutes for the light to go solid green so I'm assuming they charge them before shipping. I got home and connected it to my system. I plugged the G10 into a guitar and almost instantly had terrific sound. I walked all over my 2,000 sq. ft. single story home and didn't experience any dropouts. Then I decided to try it on all 19 of my guitars and bass guitars. It worked flawlessly on every one of them except for my Ibanez RGIR27FE 7-string (with active EMG pickups). I plugged a Female to Male adapter into the Ibanez and the G10 into the adapter and it worked just fine. BTW, it worked with my ESP LTD MH-401NT, which also has active EMG pickups, without needing the adapter. One concern I had prior to purchasing the G10 was if I would need to use the Female to Male adapter with my 2016 American Standard Telecaster, which has a recessed output jack. The G10 fit perfectly without the adapter. One interesting item is that, although I saw the G10 in video demos and photos, the part that plugs into the guitar is about 50% smaller than I thought it would be. BTW, these are the guitars I tested: 2016 Fender American Standard Telecaster 2016 EBMM John Petrucci Majesty 2015 Charvel San Dimas Type 1 HH 2015 Schecter KM-7 2015 ESP LTD EC-401VF DMZ 2015 Ibanez RGIR27FE (this one needs the adapter) 2014 Schecter Banshee 6 Passive 2014 PRS Custom 24 SE with Seymour Duncan Black Winters 2014 Line 6 JTV-69 2012 Gibson SG Derek Trucks Signature Model 2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio 2004 Ibanez Artcore AFS75T 1992 Jackson Dinky XL 1991 Fender Stratocaster (made in U.S.A.) 1980 Peavey T-60 ESP LTD MH-401NT with active EMG pickups (this one works fine without the adapter) Yamaha FG-420-12 Twelve String Acoustic Yamaha TRB305 5-string bass with active electronics Epiphone Thunderbird IV Goth So I'm impressed and very happy with this purchase.
  7. DarrellM5

    updating JTV-69 firmware

    Try clicking on 'Change Device...' and see if it can find your Variax.
  8. You can set up almost any of the footswitches to send out MIDI signals when pressed. You can also set up Helix to send up to 6 instant MIDI commands upon choosing a preset.
  9. DarrellM5

    4 cable method between FHFX and VETTA II combo?

    You're welcome. I'm not too familiar with the FH. Does it allow separate FX send and FX return blocks or is there only an FX loop block? If it allows separate blocks, I'd put the FX send before the FH amp and the FX return after it. That way it totally bypasses your FH amp when using your Vetta preamp. If it only allows a FX loop block, I think you would want the FX loop in front of the amp block, and disable the amp block when the FX loop is engaged, because otherwise you'll be running through your Vetta preamp and then back into your FH and through it's amp as well. You might look on CustomTone and see if anyone has posted a 4 cable method patch or template. And I wouldn't worry about the stereo cables if it's working.
  10. DarrellM5

    4 cable method between FHFX and VETTA II combo?

    Do you have the Vetta fx loop turned on? It is selectable. Also, are you using TRS (stereo cables)? The Vetta fx send and return are stereo jacks.
  11. DarrellM5

    Vetta users

    I still have my Vetta II Combo but I don't play it very often. It's still amazing but I mostly use my Helix now.
  12. DarrellM5

    Fret Rattle

    I just set up all my guitars to play buzz free with the action as low as I want it to be. It's not very difficult and there are tons of videos and books on how to do it.
  13. DarrellM5

    Helix LT - Just pulled the trigger

    Welcome to the club. If you use Facebook, I would highly recommend joining the 10,000+ of us on the Line 6 Helix - Rack - LT - Native User Group ORIGINAL page.
  14. DarrellM5

    what speakers for helix at home

    I run it into a pair of Alto TS110A PA speakers. Sounds great to me.
  15. DarrellM5

    Hardware discount for Native owners?

    It wouldn't surprise me if there are some cool bundle deals in the future. This is just a guess on my part but it makes sense.
  16. DarrellM5

    G10 failing after 7 weeks

    That sucks. At least you're still well within your warranty. I have 2 of them, one for over a year now, and haven't experienced any problems at all. I'd log a ticket and Line 6 will take care of you.
  17. DarrellM5

    Vetta 11

    Very nice score. I still have mine.
  18. DarrellM5

    Helix display problem

    Looks like Hardware to me. I'd log a support ticket with Line 6 just to be sure.
  19. DarrellM5

    Post pics of the pedalboard you use in addition to the Helix

    Very cool. This has given me some ideas about changing how I currently integrate the Trio+ into my rig.
  20. DarrellM5

    JTV vs Standard

    I think the magnetic pickups are different. The modeling is the same. The JTV's were designed by James Tyler who is a well respected luthier. I have a JTV-69 because it's my favorite Tyler designed Variax and the Standard didn't exist when I bought it. If I were to choose today, I'd be happy either way.
  21. DarrellM5

    Notable Variax Users?

    Okay, here's another. K.K. Downing lists a Variax acoustic 300 and an acoustic 700 as gear he uses in the studio according to his website.
  22. DarrellM5

    Notable Variax Users?

    You're probably right. I think I got confused. Same thing with Garbage and Pete Thorn. Definitely yes on Helix but I can't seem to find any Variax confirmation. Castellano is using his Variax for some of the Blue Oyster Cult live songs.
  23. DarrellM5

    Notable Variax Users?

    Richie Castellano, lead guitarist for Blue Oyster Cult. The entire band Garbage (I believe they bought 18 of them, some for studio, some for their European rig and some for their U.S. rig) Pete Thorn. Isaiah Sharkey, guitarist for John Mayer.
  24. DarrellM5

    Tube amps Gone?

    I'm keeping my tube amps (Carol-Ann Triptik and DT25) but I just use Helix with my Alto TS110A PA speakers 95% of the time.