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    Helix For Bass

    Just bought my wife a Sire Marcus Miller M3. $329 delivered, plays and sounds great and has selectable active/passive electronics. The active electronics run at 18V and the bass weighs 7.5 lbs. My Epiphone Thunderbird IV and Yamaha 5-string are feeling left out.
  2. Argh!!! Looks like I screwed up. Those that I listed are from Helix. I'm not sure which, if any, of the HD500X factory presets were for bass but here's a list of all of them.
  3. Thanks for the link. I'll be running through these all weekend.
  4. I've found a few really good deals at GC's in the past, mostly on some used gear. I've also always been able to get them to knock a bit off the asking prices just by talking to the manager. The Platinum GC in Las Vegas is awesome BTW. I prefer ordering on line for several reasons: No sales tax I live 4 hours from the nearest guitar store Better selection Usually better deals And I love the extra warranty that Sweetwater includes for free.
  5. Sorry, I'm very new to the bass and wouldn't have a clue about jazz.
  6. 12c BAS:Cougar 800 12d BAS:Tuck n' Go 13a BAS:SV Beast Nrm 13b BAS:SV Beast Brt 13c BAS:Cali 400 Ch1 13d BAS:Cali 400 Ch2 14a BAS:Cali Bass 14b BAS:Cali Plus 32a BAS:TBTV Bass 32b BAS:Treasure 32c BAS:Dommyz Go 2 32d BAS:Tame Bassa Is this what you're after? These are from the Factory 1 setlist. 19a BAS:BassFest '02 19b BAS:Hang Out 19c BAS:Brit Bass 19d BAS:Tile Growl 20a BAS:Ballixiz 20b BAS:Phat Rat 20c BAS:DangeRuss 20d BAS:Liberator 21a BAS:2 Much Tuna 21b BAS:Boots Bass 21c BAS:Incubass And these are from Factory 2.
  7. If I'm running wireless with the Relay G10, it's designed to mute as you're unplugging it. If I'm running wired, I prefer a Planet Waves Circuit Breaker cable which has a manual switch on it.
  8. Like Rocco_Crocco says above, check out the built in snapshots. The Friedman goes from crystal clear cleans all the way up to high gain.
  9. You can get by with a MIDI cable and Helix but life is currently much easier if you set up the DT first with a MIDI interface. I use the M-audio Uno.
  10. I've had my Helix for a year now and, as far as I know, the Ricochet started shipping in June.
  11. DI stated in the mega-thread over on TGP: Sends, Returns, and FX Loops can all be either mono or stereo. Multiple instances of the same Sends can be created, but only one of each Return can exist in a preset. Sends can act as Output Blocks and Returns can act as Input blocks if desired.
  12. It's worth a shot but I would assume that they would be more suited to a somewhat FRFR system. I'm curious to see how it turns out. I might even give it a try myself this week. Keep us posted.
  13. I'm looking forward to your results. I went ahead and bought Glenn's boutique pack a couple hours ago and I'm completely blown away by the tones. The BE-100 patch is incredible. Actually, all of them sound amazing. I didn't want to stop playing but I have to work tomorrow. I can't wait to spend more time exploring them.
  14. Wow!!! This is the 1st I've heard of that pedal. If it lives up to the hype, it will be a game changer for sure.
  15. Try using the Helix preamps into the DT. Even with everything turned off via DT Edit you're still using the DT's power amp and actual cabinet. If you're running full amp models then your signal path is Helix preamp -> Helix power amp -> DT power amp -> DT cabinet. This would mean you're stacking power amps. Sometimes that sounds fine but sometimes it doesn't. It's worth a shot.
  16. DarrellM5

    IR Management

    The ultimate solution would be the ability to save the IR's as part of their corresponding presets (bake them in). I definitely agree that something needs to be improved. 128 is not enough; just my Delaune, Fremen and Chris Beaver IR's can use all of the slots. That leaves no room for my 3 Sigma, cabIR, Taylor acoustics or other IR's. I'd even be wiling to sacrifice 1 or 2 of the setlists for more IR storage. And......Voted!
  17. After pondering this for awhile, I guess the answer might be Glenn Delaune's Boutique Pack. Since the BE-OD emulates a BE-100 and Glenn has a BE-100 preset, it will probably get me there. Guess I'll check it out.
  18. I might have been a little unclear in my previous post. I am using the L6 Link and a MIDI cable. It doesn't matter though as I could do the same thing with a 1/4" cable and the MIDI cable.
  19. I've been watching reviews on this pedal and it seems amazing. Has anyone been able to match the tones with their Helix? If so, I'd love to hear it (and you'd be saving me $200).
  20. Has anyone given this a shot. I expect it would sound amazing. From the video reviews I've watched it looks like the BE-OD plays well with just about any amp's clean channel. I'm really close to getting a BE-OD unless I can figure out how to emulate it with my Helix.
  21. Something is screwy, that's for sure. It looks like clearing the history/cache fixes the problem.
  22. Are you running the Helix preamps or full amp models into the DT?
  23. The Vetta II had a built in double tracker that could pull this off. It would be great to see Line 6 add this feature to some of their more modern offerings.
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