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  1. Thanks Peter. I'm off to try building these. One thing that amazes me is how simplistic your patches are to get such a great tone.
  2. I had the 500 and loved it. I bought the JTV-69 because I wanted: Alternate tunings without having to set them up in advance in Workbench The latest models Magnetic pickups The rechargeable battery
  3. The way I understand it is that Helix sales have outperformed Line 6's expectations by a long shot. It's definitely worth the wait. I got mine from the initial shipment last October but I pre-ordered in July and it was a really long summer and fall.
  4. The G10 comes with a charger that consists of the AC adapter part that plugs into the wall and a USB to Micro USB cable.
  5. You're going from the 1/4" out of the G10 to the normal guitar input of your Firehawk, right? Were you using the same cable for all of your troubleshooting? You verified that the G10 works and that your guitar and Firehawk work so I'd check the cable.
  6. A cell phone charger works fine. I even charged mine with the cell phone charger in my vehicle.
  7. I've been leaving mine plugged in so far.
  8. Works great with both of my bass guitars, a Yamaha 5-string with active electronics and an Epiphone 4-string with passive electronics. I don't know how many channels it has but it's supposed to automatically scan them and select the proper one. Your guitar should be pressing that little button in when you insert the jack. Mine has been working every time I pull it out of the receiver and plug it into a guitar.
  9. It looks like you have to set it to force the tone. This link might help:
  10. That doesn't sound good. I'd put in a support ticket ASAP.
  11. You have a point there. Yeah, based on that thread I ruled the G70 out really quick.
  12. Not an issue for me but I can see how it could affect some.
  13. I went in and reversed the audio ground and battery ground wires on the RGIR27FE output jack and it solved the issue. All of my guitars now work with the G10 without requiring the female to male 1/4" adapter.
  14. Update: I rewired the output jack on the RGIR27FE (basically switched the audio ground and battery ground) and solved the issue. All of my guitars now work with my G10 without the adapter.
  15. Guitar manufacturer Ibanez Guitar model RGIR27FE 7-string with active EMG pickups Does it fit and turn on? Yes Do you hear audio? No Does the adaptor solution resolve the issue? Yes I'm assuming the guitar is wired with inverse polarity. I'll try rewiring the output jack and I'll post my results.
  16. After reading the "Attention G10 Owners" thread, I'll bet the guitar was wired with inverse polarity. I might reverse the wires on the output jack and see if it fixes the problem.
  17. You might be right. I know they modeled the preamps and the combination. I'm not sure if they independently modeled the power amps or not. Hopefully it gets enough votes that they go after it.
  18. Actually it wouldn't take ZERO resources as man-hours are a resource. Supposedly it takes up to 1 man-month to create a new amp model so I can imagine it would be very labor intensive to go back and independently model all the preamps and poweramps. It is on IdeaScale though so I'd recommend going and voting for it. I voted for it but I know there are other things that are considerably higher on the wish list.
  19. I lucked out and found a G10 in stock at the Platinum Guitar Center in Las Vegas today. They had two more BTW. Since I live 4 hours from Vegas I decided to plug the G10 into my car's phone charger. That way it would hopefully be charged by the time I got home. Well it only took a few minutes for the light to go solid green so I'm assuming they charge them before shipping. I got home and connected it to my system. I plugged the G10 into a guitar and almost instantly had terrific sound. I walked all over my 2,000 sq. ft. single story home and didn't experience any dropouts. Then I decided to try it on all 19 of my guitars and bass guitars. It worked flawlessly on every one of them except for my Ibanez RGIR27FE 7-string (with active EMG pickups). I plugged a Female to Male adapter into the Ibanez and the G10 into the adapter and it worked just fine. BTW, it worked with my ESP LTD MH-401NT, which also has active EMG pickups, without needing the adapter. One concern I had prior to purchasing the G10 was if I would need to use the Female to Male adapter with my 2016 American Standard Telecaster, which has a recessed output jack. The G10 fit perfectly without the adapter. One interesting item is that, although I saw the G10 in video demos and photos, the part that plugs into the guitar is about 50% smaller than I thought it would be. BTW, these are the guitars I tested: 2016 Fender American Standard Telecaster 2016 EBMM John Petrucci Majesty 2015 Charvel San Dimas Type 1 HH 2015 Schecter KM-7 2015 ESP LTD EC-401VF DMZ 2015 Ibanez RGIR27FE (this one needs the adapter) 2014 Schecter Banshee 6 Passive 2014 PRS Custom 24 SE with Seymour Duncan Black Winters 2014 Line 6 JTV-69 2012 Gibson SG Derek Trucks Signature Model 2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio 2004 Ibanez Artcore AFS75T 1992 Jackson Dinky XL 1991 Fender Stratocaster (made in U.S.A.) 1980 Peavey T-60 ESP LTD MH-401NT with active EMG pickups (this one works fine without the adapter) Yamaha FG-420-12 Twelve String Acoustic Yamaha TRB305 5-string bass with active electronics Epiphone Thunderbird IV Goth So I'm impressed and very happy with this purchase.
  20. Mine was the same. It only took a couple of minutes to show fully charged. As for the range, I've been all over my 2,000 sq. ft. home without a single dropout.
  21. I picked one up at the Guitar Center just off the strip in Vegas a few minutes ago. They have 2 more on the shelf.
  22. In addition to what ricksteruk said above, you can have Helix send 6 MIDI cc messages upon selection of a preset. Like he said, you can currently only send one message per footswitch but I believe there are requests on Ideascale to change this. I'd recommend voting them up.
  23. At home I've been playing with a W/D/W setup where I use a DT25 for the dry and a pair of Alto TS110A PA speakers for the wet signal. I think it sounds great.
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