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  1. I own the LT, and I also have a Behringer 8-channel mixer I bought earlier. For (home) studio work, I use the LT as my DAW interface (used to use the mixer), and I route the mixer into the FX returns on the LT. For live work, I route the LT’s 1/4†outs to the mixer, and the balanced outs from the mixer into my powered speakers. I can then also add one or more mic’s via the mixer, I can route the mixer’s FX sends to the LT’s returns and vice-versa. Lots of versatility. Lots of possibilities. You’ll hear lots of people telling you that the LT is “less than†and you’ll regret buying it. Hogwash.
  2. I have the LT, and I’m totally satisfied in every way. I don’t own a Variax, but I know that the LT will work with one the same as the “full†Helix. I already owned a Boss RC-300 loop station and a Behringer I-channel mixer, so those take care of any additional I/O requirements I have, both live and in the studio. I don’t miss the scribble strips at all, because the “performance†view does a great job of showing me which foot switch does what. I’ve also owned a “dream†rig (1965 Super Reverb), and the Helix LT more than replaces it.
  3. If you’re truly worried about the screen, Chad Boston sells a truly bulletproof solution, thick, clear polycarbonate (I think that’s what it’s made of). It looks like it’s at least 3/8†thick from what I’ve seen. Myself, I simply bought a screen protector for an iPad mini, cut it in half and put it on. My estimate of the chances of the screen being hit hard enough to break is low. If I get to where I’m touring a lot, I’ll get a strong case for it, because I think most of the risk is in transit. I truly wouldn’t worry about the ring lights. They’re LEDs, and not all that fragile. I also kind of expect the unit to eventually get some scratches and dings, that happens to working tools that are well-used. Not gonna worry unduly about it. I have a Boss L2 bag for it, and another one for my RC-300. Should provide enough protection for what I do. In my experience, the LT is plenty robust as long as you don’t throw it around or drop it from a height. I’ve had mine almost 6 months, and had zero problems.
  4. Sounds like it’s related to the setting that determines whether per-snapshot setting changes are Recalled or Discarded when moving to another snapshot. I could be wrong, I’m fairly new.
  5. What does the tap tempo scribble strip display? I have the LT, so this would be a feature the LT couldn’t share. With the full version, I think you can assign a stomp effect to that switch, right? Maybe that’s why it doesn’t display bpm...
  6. I don’t have an answer, but I wanted to say that’s a very interesting scenario for midi control. I also have Onsong on an iPad, so I’ll be interested in any solutions you find, and I may want to pick your brain as well. I have a Boss RC-300 loop station I’m learning to control via midi (midi cable), and I just got a Boss DR-3 drum machine that can also be controlled via midi. Thinking I can either connect midi out from the RC-300 to the DR-3, or maybe use midi thru from the RC-300 to DR-3 and send the midi messages from the Helix. Maybe we can help each other figure things out.
  7. I use Cubase. It comes in various versions from inexpensive to more expensive. I started with Cubase Elements AI, which is less expensive (and lacks some of the more professional features, but is still full serviceable). I'm currently on Cubase Artist 9. More expensive, but still reasonable. As an interface, Helix integrates very well with it. Helix has a great ASIO driver that works great with Cubase. Connect your headphones to the Helix for zero-latency monitoring (the I/O with the DAW is via USB). I have the LT, so I have a small Behringer mixer for microphone inputs. You'll want to get some decent mics. I use Audio-Technica AT 2050 large diaphragm condenser mics for recording vocals or percussion.
  8. I bought the Boss Bag-L2, which goes for the same price, but it looks like it has a bigger side pocket. Helix LT fits perfectly. Very satisfied.
  9. Sorry to contradict, but the LT does have TWO FX loops, not one. The full Floor version has 4, but for me, the two on the LT are more than sufficient so far. It's really irritating to constantly see people say "Get the Floor, not the LT, you'll come to regret your decision..." Um, no. Not everyone needs or wants to pay the extra money (in Canada, it amounts to about $800) for options they won't use for years, if ever. I don't miss the scribble strips, the mic input or the extra FX loops. I have a mixer, and my Boss RC-300 has a mic input and FX loops. The LT is every bit as fantastic as the Floor or Rack, and it's exactly what I need.
  10. First of all... "her" last reply, if you please... I did remove the neck guide and accessory compartment, made the accessory compartment smaller, and added a new piece of foam under the crushed velvet so the LT and RC-300 would both fit snugly. Thing is, with both devices inside, the thing is VERY heavy. Rethinking...
  11. The LT has two FX loops (send/return) in addition to the 1/4" stereo outs AND XLR stereo outs. Plus 1/4" guitar in, Variax and digital I/O. For my money it has plenty of I/O, especially for live performances. Jammed with a bass player on the weekend, we both went through my LT. Totally separate signal paths. We each had our own amp/FX setup, and our own output. Worked great. My guitar into the Guitar In, his bass into Return 1.
  12. LT makes a great audio interface. I use Cubase. I loaded the Helix ASIO driver, and Cubase picked it up right away. Easy-peasy. Monitor thru the LT. Zero latency. My Behringer mixer was a lot harder to set up.
  13. Had a great time today. Brought my LT to an open mic for the first time. Everyone was super impressed by it. The host said it sounded great, and let me perform several times for a total of about 2 hours, the last hour of which was basically a jam with several of the other performers. I got lots of compliments, and several folks said they'd want to jam with me. I finally had to leave because I hadn't even had supper yet (the thing started around 3:30, I didn't end up leaving until almost 7:30). Super stoked! Had my Epiphone Sheraton II Pro with me tonight. Great guitar, too!
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