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M13 placement in pedal board setup


Hello, I apolgoize for the noob question.


I've searched and found a few threads that sort-of answer my question(s) but nothing spot on unfortunately. I do apologize if this has been asked before. 


I'm planning on using my M13 with the rest of my gear(which isn't much). 


Right now I have the following pedals on my board: 


Wampler Pinnacle

Wampler Hot Wired v2

Clean Boost



I'm wanting to combine all of it on one pedal board. However I'm confused on how to do it or what's best. Is the 4 cable method what I should be looking into? If so, how do I connect that and my current few pedals so everything works? 


I'm really wanting to use just the m13 for delayed FX/timed FX and use my two wamplers for distortion/lead/etc. Would having the M13 in the FX chain last do the trick?


I guess my question in simple terms is what is the best way to setup an M13 with other pedals? 4CM, non-4CM, etc?


If I can elaborate any further please let me know. Again I apologize if this is a repeated question.






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Hey dperry85,


With the M13 you have a tuner built in via holding down the tap temp, so we can always leave the tuner out.


Since the FX you want to add are just distortions and drives you could simply run them before the M13 and be good to go. BUT if you would like the convienience of being able to turn on those FX witht thee M13 its possible.


The M13 has a built in FX loop. With this you could have your Wampler always turned on running into the M13's FX Loop and then have the option on one of the M13's footswitches to be the FX loop's on/off switch; so you're not doing a big tap dance before a solo.


To get a deeper detail into this solution check out page 2.4 of the advance guide: http://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0594000d02c/application/pdf/M13%20Advanced%20Users%20Guide%20-%20English%20%28%20Rev%20A%20%29.pdf

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