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Jtv-59 won`t connect with USB interface(red light flashing)

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Hi guys,


My recently aquired Jtv-59 won`t connect with the Usb Interface. I get the flashing red light on the VDI side of the interface.


This is what I have checked:


The battery is charged (i get the green leds flashing once, when I put in the compartment)


I have a regular jack plugged in to the guitar as well as the VDI cable .


The Firmware in the Usb Interface is 1.03 , the newest - though strangely, only my macbook will recognize what firmware is on it. When I connect to my Mac Mini it cannot see if it is up-to-date, but it will see the interface itself)


I have not tried the guitar with a POD, since I only have the Desktop HD and I don`t think it supports it? (I did plug it into the cat5 connector on it, but no reaction,...)


One question:  When I press the modelling-knob on the guitar - should I see some light go on? I see no reaction when I press on them, perhaps the variax brain is not on?



Any advice greatly appreciated!



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Update -


The battery is charged, but I can`t activate the models. No light comes on when I press down the button. And I`ve tried taking of the knob itself, incase it was the known issue of it getting stuck.


So, could the variax "brain" be damaged in transit, or something?



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Is the volume pot turned up? Otherwise the guitar will go to sleep mode and won't connect!

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