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swapping dream rig for FCB1010 and G Major 2 - midi setup help

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I own the dream rig with an HD500, JTV-59 and DT25. I want to experiment with the G Major 2 and the FCB1010 with the DT25.


My initial question is what channel of midi does the DT25 use. It looks lime Omni.


I think the FCB1010 can send multiple program changes with a single footswitch patch assignment. The G Major 2 will also send program change info based on patch midi maps.


I would need to have one of these units send the amp switch with model and control info.


If I read the manual correctly, once you edit the DT25 amp, those settings stay pretty much such as bass, treble, reverb type, cabinets, etc... correct? If so, that will make my task a whole lot simpler.


I think the right connection path would be for the FCB1010 ==> G MAjor 2 ==> DT25

Trying to gather info before I dive right into the programming. Any thoughts and advice would be great;y appreciated.

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without using the POD for changes, just making changes to the amp model by midi, the controls will stay with the physical knobs on the DT25, they will not save with the amp model.  If you have the knobs dialed in for a Blackface and switch to a Treadplate you might just melt the paint...


good luck with the G Major but I don't see it being any better personally...

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