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Help with Wah pedal calibration

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Hi everyone, I've gotten hold of a good condition Pod Pro and an (apparently) near-new Floor Board. The Wah pedal comes on, but I get no sweep. Various forums talk about calibrating the pedal, but the support links no longer work and there's no mention of this in the Pilot's Guide. Can anyone help? Can I calibrate it without some kind of software?

Also, talking of which, visiting this forum has shown me for the first time the existence of Line 6 Edit. Where can I get hold of this and will it let me edit things on the Pod Pro?


Thanks for any help.



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Hmmm the old 1st gen floorboard. I can't say that there was a calibration method. IIRC when you fire up L6Edit you can set the max and min values for the wah there. Been a long time since I fired up the old Pod Pro.




You are going to need a midi/usb cable to work with L6Edit. Pop the $$ for a MAudio Uno or at least an equivalent. If you get the cheap chinese one chances are you will return here asking why the Pod can't connect.



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