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JTV-69 metallic ringing on mags!

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Hey guys, finally got some time to get acquainted with this guitar and firstly, on the whole, I absolutely love it. The models are great, and I've got some awesome sounds going. I haven't encountered any problems exceeeept a low B/E string volume (as I commented in the proper thread for it) and also a metallic ringing sound when I play through the mags with any degree of distortion. If I tap the pickup surround it's especially noticeable, so it's coming from there. Any ideas what i can do to alleviate this? Thanks!


**Edit: found that the note of the sound changes depending on the pickup height, so it's a spring or something that's resonating. Ideas?

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It could also be the tremolo springs ringing through the tremolo block. There should be some shrink tubing over the springs and foam inside, but if either of those came off or out, they could ring more. Strats have the same issues sometimes...


One way to check quickly if this is the culprit would be to unscrew the trem spring compartment cover -- inspect to see if that stuff is in place, but also strum the offending notes and mute the trem springs with your hand. See if that quiets the ringing -- if so, find some way to stop them from vibrating sympathetically with the notes. Others here in the forums may have some tips for that.... If it's not the springs, again, maybe some here has some other ideas. It's worth a shot. Though if it is that, I would expect it to also ring in the models.... Hmmm...



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Hey Dave, thanks for your reply! Yeah as I said in my edit I think I've tracked the problem down - when I adjust the pickup height the tone and intensity of the ringing/chiming changes. I've managed to get it to the point where it's not much more noticeable than would be the sound of trem springs but it's still not ideal. Only happens on mags as well, so it's happening in the bridge humbucker.

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