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PODxt Live no output

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I have bought a used xt Live that seems to work fine except I can't get any sound out of it, either through headphones or my amp. Not a beep.

At first I thought it could be because it came with a non standard power adapter rated at only 500 mA, so I went out and got a replacement capable of the the required 2 A, but no luck. :-(

What do you think? Should I return it?

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Was it working when you bought it? Sometimes the little sliding switch on the back by the jacks (IIRC pad?) can get bumped and be in an inbetween position causing this. Other than that I wouldn't take anything apart as you might not be able to return it afterwards.



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It was like this when I got it. I have tried flipping the Norm/Pad switch, adjusted the "level" knob and everything else I can think of. No sound.

I know it gets my guitar signal though, since the built in tuner function registers it.

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Well assuming it actually worked when you bought it. Sit down with the manual.


Check to make sure the output knob in the back is set on something other than zero. Try running an mp3 player in the jack. Check the channel volume settings.


Other than that it could be bad output jacks, they do crack at the solder joints.

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I bought it just a couple of days ago on a pawn auction. I don't think I have done something to mess it up, so quite possibly it was broken when I got it.

Anyhow, thanks for all tips and suggestions. I haven't tried calibrating the pedal. Will try that when I get home, aswell as the "factory recall" thing.


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Forgot to mention, the MP3 player in the AUX-in was the first thing I tried when I couldn't get any sound from my guitar.

Pedal calibration had no effect, and yes the power brick puts out 9V AC 2000 mA. (it's not the original though, I didn't get one.)


I think I'll pass on the reflashing thing. It's got v3.01 now, and does that monkey thing even run on Win8.1 64 bit?

Most likely I'll return it tomorrow, it seems broken to me.


Thanks for all the helpful tips though.


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Hey one last thing. Fire it up, put the pdal toe down, trim pot mid way - plug your guitar in with the amp on. Turn the volume up on the guitar and while the strings are vibrating wiggle the plug in the XTL's ouput jack. If there is a pcb crack "sometimes" this wiggling will close the gap and sound will come out.


Slim hope but if everything else failed it can't hurt.


Rock On!


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