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Spider Jam Playalong Genres


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Sorry for the question, but where are the Reggae, Soul and Jazz playalongs on the Spider Jam amp?

I found exactly one Jazz tune, one Motown-Wanna-be-Soul and absolutely no Reggae, Latin or Cuban records?

Oh dear, don't get me wrong, but from my point of view 80% of the recorded Playalongs are Punk, Heavy Metal and a kind of Rock sub-genre... I'm thankful for the Blues which encounters from time to time, but where is even Pop?


Is there a chance to download other tracks from Line 6 or do I have to record everything on my own or download instrumentals to a 2 GB card?





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There is no way to download tones from internet and load it to the SJ using SD card or any other way. You must to edit it manually. Looks here: That is all that I found in internet about this issue. I am very disappointed about it too.
I've created one tone for each Amp Model, with the following values: Drive: 0, Bass, Mid, Treble in the middle, Chorus Flange: off, Delay: off and Reverb: off too. I guess is a good way to start to create tones by myself.

Good luck!

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