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Expression pedal goes to a maximum of 50-60%


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Hello! I'm having this problem with my pod x3 live, when I use the built in expression pedal in the toe position it goes up to 50-60% of the value. If i have it set to a volume pedal, when i switch to wah by pressing the toe the volume goes from 50% to full, so it practicaly doubles the volume, making it unsuitable for use. If anyone knows a way to fix it, would be appreciated.

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First, try recalibrating the pedal:


Q: How do I calibrate the Expression pedal on the POD X3 Live?
A: 1. Go to test mode by holding down 'Right' on the directional pad when you power up.
2. Highlight Pedal Cal.
3. Press the INPUTS button.
4. Set the pedal to the heel position.
5. Press the A footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles.
6. Set the pedal to the toe position.
7. Press the B footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles.
8. Press the C footswitch for automatic selection of the best duty cycle.
9. Move the pedal to get smooth 0-255 Scaled Values.
10. Press the D footswitch to save the settings.

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