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JVT-59P Battery Check Button - Where is it?

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My first post having just bought a JVT-59P (in UK).


Where is the battery check button mentioned in the Pilot's Guide and on these forums?


I fully charged the battery when I first got the guitar and although I have only played it for a few hours (probably in the region of 5-6 hours) the battery has just died on me suddenly today.  I have it back on charge at the moment.


If I was able to find the battery check button, I could monitor its discharge cycle better and not be caught out again.

And before anyone asks... yes I do pull out the 1/4" cable when not playing the guitar.


many thanks...


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Phil,  many thanks for reply.

I did actually find it when I put the re-charged battery back in as the LEDs lit up and I saw what had to be the button.  Of course it was.

Perhaps it should be shown more clearly in the handbook.


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