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HD500X Looping with effects


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I have a quick question about looping with effects.

I would like to be able to activate the bass octaver, play a bassline, loop it, and then play guitar over that (without the effect being on my 'live' playing).

Is this possible?

If so, could someone give me a quick 'how-to' on it?



Thanks in advance!


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Position the Looper in Post mode.


Activate the patch with the octaver on it; record the loop. Stop the loop and start playing it back. While the loop is playing back repeatedly, exit the looper and activate the patch you want for the guitar/solo (or just turn off the octaver if it's the same patch) and then play over the loop.

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I must be missing something.

Here are the steps I take (and the result)


1. Activate the Bass Octaver effect.

2. Hit the looper switch (looked at screen, it's set for post).

3. Tap the tempo.

4. record the bass loop.

5. let it play a few times.

6. Hit the looper switch again.

7. Hit the Octaver switch.


It all works fine till #7 and then the loop octave effect shuts off and sounds like a regular guitar.

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Double check the looper pre/post setting. Note that in the screen display (#2 in your list) the display indicates the setting that WILL happen if you hit the associated switch. In other words, if the display says POST, that means the looper is currently set to PRE and WILL BE reset to POST if you hit the switch. The display indicates the future, not present, setting; it displays the action that will result from the switch activation.

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I think that's so silly. The display indicates the future setting...

Will it allow us to time travel too?


Reminds me of an HP calculator with it's RPN input. ^_^


Well... everybody wants to be different. Maybe it's because the processor is made by HP? ;)

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