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Simple "fix" for the FBV Shortboard MKII (and others)

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I doubt I am the only one who has ever accidentally kicked on the looper function (by stepping on the "Function 2" button). Considering I never use the looper feature (on purpose, anyway...LOL) I decided to disable the button. I considered finding a small box the appropraite size and taping it to the board over the button to prevent me from accidentally stepping on it ever again. Then I thought of a different solution. Behold, the zip tie fix!!!

This idea could certainly be used to disble ANY of the buttons...


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Thanks for sharing your permanent solution with us jjack972. I use the semi-permanent "box" solution by cutting out a 16mm aluminium U channel (it shd have an internal depth of at least 20mm), then widening the opening by forcing a 20mm pvc tube into it, then curling the puckered lips back in with pliers, and adjusting the final opening width so that this bracket "clenches" tightly with the switch housing (see pic). Its strong enough with withstand an inadvertent "step" or "brush" of the foot without coming off.

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Here's another idea for those who thought the location of the function1 n 2 buttons are tricky to access while playing live without accidentally triggering other buttons. I made a small wooden footstool to be placed in front of function1 (or 2). I pre-place my toes onto the footstool with my heel hovering above function1 (or 2) and access those buttons with the heel at the appropriate time. The advantage of this method is, at least you have 1 foot and the toes of the other planted on the ground and the footstool. You are a lot more stable than standing on just 1 foot. Pre-placing your foot on the footstool ensures you access the correct button with a simple down-stomp of the heel without triggering other buttons. Glue-on a non-slip rubber mat onto the bottom of the footstool to ensure it doesn't slide around while in use.


This however is an intermediate solution. The best solution is for line6 to provide a software update that allows users a choice of assigning the functions of either function1 or 2 buttons to the tap tempo button where access is a far lot easier.


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