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Put EMG HZ pickups in my JTV59... review


I always liked the sound of EMG's, especially the active ones.  I'm happy I put these H4's (yes, two H4's, not an H4A in the neck position - I wanted a consistent sound on both pickups) in my JTV59.  Nice, even response across the pickup, nice sustain.  One problem... and maybe this is because I installed H4's...  the neck pickup is too deep and bumps up against the guitar's cavity.  As a result the pickup is not parallel to the strings but higher on the neck side.  Minor problem and doesn't affect the sound nor playability.  I suppose I could "dig out" the cavity but opted not to.


The install was fairly easy (but I should mention I do all my own guitar work so easy to me might be a challenge for someone else).  On a JTV59 one is dealing only with 2 wires to the circuit board for each pickup so it was just a matter of figuring out which 2 pickup wires should be soldered to the board. I tried a couple of different combinations and once I settled on the configuration I liked best (there really wasn't much difference between the only 2 possibilities), I soldered them in.  Voila !

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If you instruct me on how to post pics and sound clips, I'll see what I can do.


Forums will accept mp3s and post them in a player. Use dropbox if you have it.

If not, get a soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/

upload the audio and then share the links.


For pics, upload a picture a site that can host them, then when you're posting, click the photo icon with the tree in the top area where you're posting, put the url of the image in and it should show up.


Hope this helps.

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