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  1. Yes, I explained that on the video. You also cannot turn on or off the modelling from the pod on a preset basis. That's what basically sucks about 1.71, other than that I love it. I really don't care much for workbench
  2. Everything was recorded with tone knob on 100%....or clockwise, whatever you prefer.
  3. I checked if I had the same option to rollback my 89F and I got the same thing as with my 59! I don't think I did or have any special condition to enable me to rollback to 1.71...the 89F is brand new, the 59 is a little over a year old, I'm running the latest monkey on a macbook running el capitan.
  4. I used a jtv-59 but I guess it would work the same with any other of my jtv's. I just rolled back with the monkey in the most standard way. 1.71 was the oldest firmware on the list when I clicked "rollback". I'll check today if the same thing happens with my 89F
  5. You had to remove the whole bridge to tighten the screw? That suck. I have some play too, gotta check it it's the mount too.
  6. Well, some people have been talking about rolling back and not being satisfied with the latest firmware. Many revert to 1.9, but I thought I'd do a video comparison with my favourite, the 1.71 Check it out
  7. The question is in regards to the possibility! Can you? If so, how? JTV guts aren't exactly your everyday standard guitar wiring!
  8. The topic says it all... I saw this parker fly signature model, by adrian belew or something, and the guy had variax guts (not jtv) and a sustainiac...I was wondering if anyone had done it with a JTV...I got a sustainiac layin' around and i'd love to fit it to one of my JTV's
  9. Hey guys I've tried to use my HD500X to act also as my vocals processor, but I always get the same problem...when changing presets, the mic sound is briefly cut, which is very noticeable when singing, so I've been using a separate vocal pedal. But it seems this could be easily fixed if they had a separate signal path and maybe also a separate output (although not crucial) for the mic that wouldn't get affected by this sound cut when changing presets. So I created this idea http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Separate-signal-output-for-mic-voice/773878-23508?submitted=1 All in favor, please vote +1 ! :)
  10. Neve mind my last post... we traced the problem to something else...try this - Connect everything as it should, then pull the jack out just about 1 or 2 milimeters. That solved my bassist problem.
  11. Hey guys I recently got the G50, so I thought I'd do a video review on like... let me know what you guys think
  12. Have you tried wiggling the jack on the guitar? My bass player had volume drops, and it happened when he touched/wiggled the jack...some kind of bad connection or bad soldering inside the jack going from the bass to the transmiter...it was NOT his bass!
  13. Here's a gig I did with my band when I had a TSB 59...now I got a black 59 and a red 69
  14. Firmware: 1 - Why would a GLOBAL EQ work on a preset by preset basis?! It's GLOBAL, and if you want to EQ your different presets, just had an EQ to them and tweak it! 2 - That would be nice! 3 - Also, a good idea! Variax: 1 - Don't think so 2 - Maybe...don't know My dear JTV...this standard one is horrible imo!
  15. I can only see a 2 negatives in the press release. 1 - I really don't like the "pacifica meets variax" guitar, just for the looks...I really think the pacifica is a really dumpy looking guitar...I'm soooooooo happy with my beauuuuutiful JTV's!!! 2 - Still no VDI wireless, which would be heaven for me... I don't care about the firehawk, I love the new HD update with its new features, specially the global EQ, and the new wireless seems pretty wild!!! Nicely done Line 6!!!
  16. Yeah, I guarantee my suggestion will work as you want, it's just a matter of programing the dual amp preset as I mentioned!
  17. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, but here's my 2cents there are 3 ways to clean the sound, either by lowering the guitar volume, or pedal volume, or lowering the drive on the amp. If you've got a JTV, you can do the 3 options either on the guitar, or on the expression pedal. It seems you're trying to lower the volume on the pedal to clean up the sound and would like to just lower the drive! You can assign the drive to the expression pedal instead of volume. Just navigate the arrow and put it on the amp, double click "MOVE" and you'll the the assign screen. Select "DRIVE" on the PARAMETER, select the desired controller, like EXP pedal 1 or 2, and then select the min and max value you want! Voilá! If you have a JTV you can do the same thing but set the JTV volume or tone knob as the controller. You can't set a parameter like DRIVE to a footswitch, but I have an idea for you to do that! I'm assuming it's a single amp preset... on the AMP block, put 2 amp, exactly the same, but with different drive levels as you want them to be (clean and distorted). Have one of the amps ON and the other OFF. Now press and hold ENTER and assign the footswitch you want, and do the same to the other amp. This way, that footswitch will turn ON and OFF both amps at the same time, so you'll either have a clean or distorted one working at one time! Hope these directions were clear enough...let me know! cheers
  18. looks really really good!!!!!! I love it!!! Nice job
  19. 1 - You can assign midi commands to any button 2 - Are you operating the HD to use ABCD or FS from 1-8? If you want to send a midi message at the time you change patch you just program that midi message to the button assigned to that specific patch...let's say you want to change your amps channel when going into preset "C", you just program footswitch C to send that midi message, so once you press C it will change both patch on POD and channel on AMP... This may also help, but let me know if you still have issues and I'll try to help!
  20. This is great I just bought a pickguard for mine and I was trying to figure out how to install it without drilling...how did u do it?
  21. If that's all you want then a simple programmable MIDI foot controller will do!
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