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HD 500X Can it do this?


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I have an Egnater Tourmaster, which I LOVE.  However, I want to be able to create "fields" using some effects in conjuntion with my amp. 

Is it possible to create fields for separate channels triggered by the footboard?


Channel 1 on my amp is clean, but I want to add some chorus and tremolo.

Channel 4 on my amp is my lead tone, but I want to add just a little phaser and delay.

Can I set it up so if I hit a switch it will apply the field AND switch the channel simultaneously?

I really want to be able to engage everything with one footswitch as opposed to a bunch (apply the effects on the 500X, change the amp channel, apply the effect loop, etc.) 

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Not sure exactly what you are asking. :wacko:

Sounds like you want to control a lot of events.

I'd suggest reading your 500X manual... specifically about the "midi commands".

There are also many YouTube videos about the HD500/HD500X. ;)

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Well you can map multiple effects to single button that is easy enough.  You could also just move to completely differnt patch on the POD to switch over which is sounds close to what you want as well. I don't think it could control the amp channel for the Egnater though. Sounds like you want a midi switching floor board which you could use with the POD( taking the midi in commands) but I don't think the POD itself will function as one. Maybe someone more knowedable on midi might be able to confirm that.

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I don't know what a "field"is, but as others have suggested you can set up different patches with combinations of effects.  However, you are out of luck on the amp switching.  Your amp does not support midi control and requires a special connector.  You will have to change channels with the amp's footswitch and also change patches with the 500X.


From the manual:

Plug in the TourmasterTM footpedal controller using the special supplied 8-pin DIN cable. Note: A standard MIDI cable will not properly function with the pedal.
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